Traveler’s Tales in Toronto – book signing and reading

The Canadian Launch: for Travelers’ Tales anthologies Leave the Lipstick, Take the Iguana and The Best Women’s Travel Writing, Volume 8


Ben McNally Books:  366 Bay St., Toronto  phone:  416-361-0032      

Saturday March 2nd at 3:00-5:00 PM: a short escape with adventurous, hilarious and breathtaking travel stories and a chance to mingle with other travel enthusiasts. (authors reading at 4:00)

Book Signing and Reading: Canadian humourist, cyclist of unusual places, and adventure travel author Kirsten Koza will be reading from her story, “Easter Island and the Chilean with the Brazilian” and from her harrowing Kyrgyzstan misadventure, “Mare’s Milk, Mountain Bikes, Meteors & Mammaries; a nipply night in nomad’s land.” And Vermont’s Jennifer Rose Smith, traveller, writer, baker, maple tapper, and owner of The Nomadic Oven, will be reading, “The Kiwi Hunt.”

RSVP as soon as you are able, please: