Lost in Moscow: now on Kindle

Lost in Moscow, my first book, is now available as an e-book on Amazon around the world. It’s also still in print and available in paperback from bookstores.When most parents consider sending their child to summer camp, they imagine a sunny lake a few hours from home. In 1977, the parents of 11-year-old Kirsten Koza sent their pigtailed, sass-talking offspring to camp in the Soviet Union — with only fifty dollars in her pocket.Lost in Moscow tells the story of Kirsten’s unusual summertime hi-jinks: evading the Soviet Red Army in a foot race through Red Square, receiving radiation treatments for a minor case of tonsillitis, and making a gut-churning, unauthorized parachute jump — without being certain whether her parachute would even stay on.

CBC (Radio Canada International) says Lost in Moscow is “the ultimate what-I-did-last-summer essay ever.”

CHRY (radio, Toronto): “Kirsten Koza is like Judy Blume on acid.”

Uptown magazine: “Koza, who has a degree in theatre, knows how to tell a story.”

In the Hills magazine: “Lost in Moscow is a funny and fascinating look at the Western World’s bogeyman of the day—communism—through the fresh eyes of a child.”