Articles, Stories and Photos by Kirsten Koza, Published in Magazines, Newspapers and Books:

The Mountain Men Who Don’t Exist in Kyrgyzstan
My travel insurance provider said Kyrgyzstan was a “no-fly zone” due to the revolution…
Perceptive Travel Magazine,

“Wicked Media of the West Lashes Out Against Storm Chasing”
There’s more to storm chasing than meets the eye…
The Blot Magazine

“A Lesbian Version of Romeo & Juliet Gets Death Threats”
“These people should be hunted down and killed.” If this were a review quote it would be hilarious, but this death threat was made before the show even opened…
The Blot Magazine

“Contemplating Cannibalism: is Male Meat or Female Tastier?”
According to Cornell University Law School, there aren’t any laws in the US prohibiting cannibalism (the nonconsensual consumption of people)…
The Blot Magazine

“Chasing Tornadoes”
“The Suck Zone . . . it’s the point, basically, at which the twister sucks you up” –Dusty from Twister
The Best Women’s Travel Writing, Volume 9 (Travelers’  Tales – book – USA) 14 pages

“‘Sports or courts’ players told”York Regional Police Det.-Const. Healey sent a powerful message home with the Georgina Bulldogs at the end of the baseball season…
York Region News Story

The Guardian UK:
Photos of Luisa Zea and Alexey Drozdov by Kirsten Koza

“Mare’s Milk, Mountain Bikes, Meteors & Mammaries: a nipply night in nomad’s land”
“Oh no, Kirsten!”
My Kyrgyzstani guide’s warning came too late and stepping in poo never felt so good…
The Best Women’s Travel Writing, Volume 8  (Travelers’ Tales – book – USA) 10 pages

“Driven to the Limit”
Alexey Drozdov, chauffeur, has never before had to phone his tour operator employer to say the words, “I’ve lost a tourist,” until he met me…
Open Central Asia business & society magazine (print edition)
( and also in Leap Local’s magazine What on Earth? – online – UK) 2 pages

“Easter Island and the Chilean with the Brazilian”
My obsession with Easter Island’s mysterious monolithic stone statues started when I was around five-years-old after I’d seen the film Chariots of the Gods
Leave the Lipstick, Take the Iguana (travelers’ Tales – book – humor – USA) 4 pages

“Guatemalan Guide Wins Global Tourism Competition”
Guatemala Times

“The Handshaking Boob-Jiggler of Sfakia Crete”
My hand is locked in a vice grip by a stocky Cretan restauranteur …
What on Earth?  travel magazine (UK)

“Thou Shalt Not Snore”
“Snoring!” The Englishwoman’s voice eviscerated the night.
What on Earth? travel magazine (UK)

“Amazon Jungle Guide Wins International Tourism Competition”
Iquitos Times (Iquitos, Peru)

“Sutton Students Learn of Peruvian Students’ Plight”
“If I saw a guinea pig in Peru, I’d hide it in my coat…”
York Region News Story

“Is it Possible to Go Local in Your Own Back Yard?”
Bolivia’s Death Road, the Autobahn and the Dakar Rally are famous for being the most adrenaline-loaded driving trips…
Leap Local News for Travellers (Cambridge, UK) page 3:

“17 Days in Peru with 10 Intrepid Internet Strangers”
Searching the internet for travel companions is riskier than a blind date…
Dreamscapes Travel & Lifestyle Magazine, 6 pages (inside Canada’s Globe & Mail)

“Drinking and Riding on Rapa Nui”
Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear. Crap. Right out of Jurassic Park. It’s Disco Night on Easter Island and a panting Chilean sailor’s reptile-face is filling the passenger mirror of my new Irish pal’s rental jeep…
Outpost travel for real magazine

“Is it Possible to Have an Adventure When on a Guided Tour?”
An ad for an ‘adventure spa’ caught my eye, but before mocking them, I opened their website to see if they offered treatments involving bee venom and uric acid…
Leap Local News for travellers pages 3-4 (Cambridge, UK)