About Writers’ Expeditions

On each expedition you’ll journey with acclaimed writers and/or photographers, plus local travel experts who will immerse you in real culture and pamper you with hospitality.  Writers’ Expeditions’ hosts write, edit, and photograph for:

  • National Geographic
  • Time 
  • The Guardian UK
  • Yoga Journal
  • Outside
  • Sports Illustrated
  • The New Yorker
  • San Francisco Chronicle
  • Chatelaine
  • Random House
  • Travelers’ Tales
  • New York Times
  • Lonely Planet
  • HarperCollins

…and more.

Each expedition will be themed and will be catered to suit the needs and desires of participants. Some trips will place stronger emphasis on workshop classes while others upon food and adventure.

The days and nights will be divided between activities designed to excite all your senses, workshops on the move, personal time, and private tutorials with your workshop hosts.  Your friends and family can follow your journey via our contributions to Expeditions’ Magazine.  If you want, you’ll come home with a publishable story or images and (if you don’t already have this) the know-how to get your work published.


From founder Kirsten Koza: 

When I was eleven my parents sent me from Canada to the USSR to go to summer camp—no phoning home.

While travelling in the Soviet Union I kept a daily journal of my experiences and took terrible photographs. If I hadn’t kept that journal, and made a scrapbook when I got home, then decades later I’d never have been able to write my first book, Lost in Moscow.

One of the fantastic things about travel is that it turns adults into kids again. We see and do brand new things—we’re out of our element—vulnerable, culture-shocked, wowed, frustrated, sometimes loving it and sometimes hating it and sometimes scared. These are wonderful states to be in for fuelling creativity.

So, instead of inward looking retreats, these expeditions are going to provide the traveller with the craziness of my USSR summer—you’ll be provided with sensory explosions so that you too have a book’s worth of experiences to draw from and relive when you go back home and look at your journals or photos.

Tour operators would roll their eyes because I used the word explosion when describing a tour, but I’m not a tour operator. I’m a writer, humorist and adventurer. The tour operating portion of these trips is being expertly handled by local guides at the point of destination.

There’s only one thing I ask of you: be ready for lots of laughter. That’s how I deal with the stinks and scares while on an adventure.