Kirsten is posting her full scripts here for your personal reading. Should you be interested in producing one of her plays, she uses a standard playwright contract (10% of tickets sales with a negotiable house minimum).
You have permission to read and even print this material for personal use, and you’re permitted to laugh and do the things you normally do. However, please do not repost the scripts or any portion of the scripts without consent. They are copyrighted material.
Please email Kirsten with any questions.

Kirsten’s second play, Meet the teacher Creature, received a one-week workshop and its first public reading as part of the new play series at Lighthouse Festival Theatre, supported by Canada Council. It then had a second public reading at Curio theatre, in Philadelphia, USA. It was picked up to premiere at The Red Barn Theatre (Canada’s oldest professional summer theatre) but an arsonist torched the theatre one night while Kirsten was flying to a speaking engagement in the UK. The Red Barn didn’t receive a needed grant for a rebuild. Meet the teacher Creature is not the bad luck play — that is still Macbeth.
About the play: Six small-town high school teachers get together one evening to enjoy a mafia-mystery dinner-party-game. Their real-life character flaws lead to deadly disaster and the teachers end up in a flight of wit and Internet savvy to save their own careers and lives. Funny, frank and foetal-position suspenseful — it will keep audiences guessing until the final breath.

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Kirsten’s first play, Second Night Syndrome, is coming soon.