Chasing Tornadoes

My story about chasing tornadoes is the 2nd listed – the anthology is on its way to bookstores around the world right now.
From Travelers’ Tales comes The Best Women’s Travel Writing Volume 9: True Stories from Around the World—the newest collection in the annual best-selling, award-winning series that invites you to ride shotgun alongside intrepid female nomads as they travel the globe to discover new places, people, and facets of themselves. The stories are as diverse as the destinations, the common thread being fresh, compelling storytelling that will make you laugh, weep, wish you were there, or be glad you weren’t. The Best Women’s Travel Writing speaks to the reasons why we embark on a journey, and why we keep doing it.

In The Best Women’s Travel Writing, Volume 9: True Stories from Around the World, you’ll:

• Tangle with snakes and alligators in Bangladesh • Chase tornadoes with Chinese celebrities • Dodge fireballs while half-naked in Ecuador • Get stuck in the mud by the Ganges in India • Hunt frogs in a Louisiana bayou • Get cheerfully deported from South Africa • Be transformed by a Mexican revolution • Survive close encounters with rhinos in Namibia • Experience life under niqab in Egypt • Find love in a tree house in Laos

… and much, much more.