Spend Two Weeks in Peru with a Publishing House Editor Guiding Your Writing

Imagine spending two whole weeks with a publishing house editor who is going to read your writing and make suggestions. Imagine doing that while crossing Peru, and the editor works for Travelers’ Tales (dubbed “the travel publishing giant” by Matador). You can make this a reality in August.

I was going through my filing cabinet and in it are hundreds and hundreds of travel stories that were written by writers from around the world and entered into a competition that I ran for a responsible tourism  organization in the UK. There’s some beautiful and finely crafted writing in that drawer but I knew when I received those pieces that the judging panel (editors, authors, journalists and travel writers) would dismiss them because they were missing a key ingredient that an editor is looking for when they select a story for a book, anthology, or as a competition winner.

And I know some writers who entered the competition were hurt because rejections suck (I know—I’m a writer) and some writers became angry and I received the angry and confused emails.

If you’re a writer (creative non-fiction or fiction) you can save yourself a lot of unnecessary pain and wasted time by spending time with Lavinia Spalding, a publishing house editor, this summer.

Details and Prices: http://www.kirstenkoza.com/expeditions/ Cell phone users: http://kirstenkoza.tumblr.com/post/49113305221/writers-expedition-southern-peru-aug-2-15

And just because it is highly amusing. Here’s my favourite book rejection scene of all time from Black Books.