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F’n Tornadoes

F’n tornadoes – F1 F2 F3 F4: I have a tornado fact that I keep forgetting to share. Lots of tornadoes are born that are never counted because they don’t get an F number. There could be a massive F5 tornado that isn’t counted as an F anything because it actually has to hit something such as a man-made structure – it has to wipe out a Wal-Mart or leave a clear cut path through a forest or trailer park before hitting a barn, a bridge, a windmill (that would be a cool photo) and then it can get its Fujita scale rating when the F’n raters actually rate it after the fact. So, if what should be an F4 makes its route down a highway but doesn’t hit something, it’s an F-zero.

I fly to Oklahoma City on Friday to drive a storm chase vehicle for Ron Gravelle and a ten person Hong Kong TV crew who have hired his expertise for over a week (Photo: I took of Ron Gravelle – certified storm chaser and certifiably one of the best – thinking F-words and levels, 2008, Nebraska, on the chase that led to me seeing my very first tornado and Ron yelling “go go go” meaning for me to drive towards the F whatever, not drive away from it.)