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It was Mark Twain who said “I can live for two months on a good compliment.” Let’s start counting the days because this is an ultimate compliment.

You can read my three-part Syrian series at TheBlot Magazine  (Wall St. New York).

Travelers' Tales humor books

Travelers' Tales humor booksCall for Humorous Travel Stories for Travelers’ Tales Anthology: Wake Up and Smell the Shit

I’m the editor for Wake Up and Smell the Shit, the Travelers’ Tales 2015 anthology of outrageous travel misadventures. You’re invited to submit your true stories of shitting, barfing, farting, bad situations, snakes, demons, hookers, robberies, accidents, peculiar medical procedures, hilarious sex-ploits, gun-toting drug crazed militants, or bureaucrats gone wild. This book can have it all. We want crazy travel stories that will make the reader laugh as they wake to the realities we are often protected from at home.

Travelers’ Tales is dubbed “the travel publishing giant” by Matador. Their books and stories are often award winning, sometimes bestselling, and the quality of writing is exceptional. If you’re not a pro at submitting to publishers, a good tip is to always read some of their work before sending them yours.

I’m looking forward to reading about your shitty trips, rollicking disasters, and upchuck-worthy experiences abroad.

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The blot tropical diseases

The blot tropical diseasesI’ve had too many travel related illnesses and some of them have come from being too polite and not spitting out the bad shellfish or refusing to stay somewhere so as not to insult the host. In this story I wrote for TheBlot magazine I explore ten tropical diseases that you definitely don’t want to bring home from your vacation. Scarily some of these are creeping into North America and Europe due to climate change and others which had formerly been eradicated are on the rise in places like Syria due to squalor and lack of healthcare.

the blot transgender woman

the blot transgender womanGoogle didn’t out a transgender woman, but their Hangouts app was blamed for this in The Guardian and other publications. Here’s my story about what really happened, in TheBlot magazine.

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