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The blot tropical diseases

The blot tropical diseasesI’ve had too many travel related illnesses and some of them have come from being too polite and not spitting out the bad shellfish or refusing to stay somewhere so as not to insult the host. In this story I wrote for TheBlot magazine I explore ten tropical diseases that you definitely don’t want to bring home from your vacation. Scarily some of these are creeping into North America and Europe due to climate change and others which had formerly been eradicated are on the rise in places like Syria due to squalor and lack of healthcare.

the blot transgender woman

the blot transgender womanGoogle didn’t out a transgender woman, but their Hangouts app was blamed for this in The Guardian and other publications. Here’s my story about what really happened, in TheBlot magazine.

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(Note from Kirsten: I love writing for TheBlot magazine in NYC. The supporting image they created for this story is part of the reason. The publication’s team is smart, witty and with-it.)

Ethan Couch, a Texas teen, killed four people. Another of his victims is paralyzed and can only blink to communicate. But poor, rich Ethan Couch; he’s the victim here — or that’s what it would seem the judge decided.

Couch was drunk (probably on the stolen beer that was found in his vehicle). Rich people need to steal beer because they don’t know better. Couch was driving too fast. Speed limits are for poor people. His passengers beseeched him to slow down. Instead, he sped up and slammed into four pedestrians, including a mother and daughter and a youth pastor, who were helping to fix a young woman’s vehicle at the side of the road. Silly Good Samaritans, a drunk, Valium-popping rich kid needed to get somewhere at 70 mph in a 40 mph zone… (Click here to read Kirsten’s assignment for TheBlot magazine.)




They love me especially in Alberta, Canada after I wrote this story for TheBlot magazine in New York City: The Canadian Government is Dirtier Than a Crack Mayor canada sucks screen capture

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