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Recommended websites

22 Oct 2012

These websites appear in random order because I grew tired of listing them alphabetically:
  • A Rotten Person Travels the Caribbean is an insanely funny travel book. If you read it and aren’t incontinent with laughter, then there’s something wrong with you. It’s by the Rotten Person, Gary Buslik. We’re friends but he probably won’t admit it because he’s rotten. I was asked to supply a book cover quote for his third book Akhmed and the Atomic Matzo Balls: “Delectably Despicable. Will blow you right out of your burqa.” And I’m sticking to that statement but I have to buy a new burqa. If you find him offensive, you’re not alone. Dr. Buslik teaches English lit at the University of Illinois at Chicago. That’s all you need to know if you want to track him down.
  • GlobeTrooper is a great site for finding trip partners (something I love to do) for your next journey.
  • I’ve enjoyed Tahir Shah’s books for years (he’s written fifteen) and feel bad that he was banging his head recently with his cell phone in Scotland—I didn’t mean to cause him stress. People I travel with aren’t so enamoured with Tahir Shah’s effect on me because I no longer have my laundry done when abroad and it’s due to a scene in Tahir’s book Trail of Feathers. When Tahir starts his bio “born into Afghan nobility”, I always feel a little jealous. I’ve started to use the title Empress to make myself feel better.
  • Lavinia Spalding is the author of Writing Away (chosen one of the best travel books of 2009 by the L.A.Times) and she is an utterly tremendous editor to work with. She edited my story “Mare’s Milk, Mountain Bikes, Meteors & Mammaries: a nipply night in nomad’s land” in The Best Women’s Travel Writing, Volume 8, published by Travelers’ Tales in the USA.
  • I’ve become friends with Garry Craig Powell over this past year. He’s the author of Stoning the Devil (a book I stayed up all night to finish because my sweaty little hands just couldn’t stop turning the pages) and he is a professor of Creative Writing at the University of Central Arkansas.
  • Snad usually forgets to take a picture of food until after she’s eaten it and she has a fine collection of these images. I wrote a guest post on her hilarious blog about some revolting Mexican chocolate I shouldn’t have eaten. She also has a book blog. Here’s her review titled Fifty Shades of Grey: One Shade of Shit Brown.
  • Peter Moore is a popular and prolific Australian travel author. He had me crying with laughter on the very first page of his book Vroom with a View. I can’t get his image of Tai Bo for the elderly out of my head.
  • Kimmy Beach is one of my favourite poets in the world. We met at Book Expo in Toronto at a joint signing our publisher held for us. And in 2012 we met again in Crete.
  • Nina Khoshaba After many exciting years at Working Title Films, my friend Nina left London, England for a new life running a fab place to stay in Spain. Nina has two swish rental apartments in Granada, Spain: OneTwo
  • Hamish MacDonald Hamish and I have shared many outrageous adventures and it all started at theatre school in 1986, at Dalhousie University. Hamish now lives and writes in Scotland. He designed this website, but don’t ask him to do yours. He’s busy writing.
  • Mike & Carol These long-time very-witty actor pals of mine also run a murder mystery dinner theatre.
  • Kimberly Peters I hired Kim to be publicist at The Red Barn Theatre in 1993. I didn’t realize I was hiring one of my best-friends-to-be. But I knew she was a fantastic writer. She’s the award winning author of four books.
  • Joe Rainbow Joe was a dynamo 1930’s New York Gangster when I directed him in Odets’ Paradise Lost at East 15 Acting School in England in 1996. And he continues to be a truly gifted character actor.
  • Peter Sibbald Photographer who works for the likes of TIME magazine, National Geographic, FortuneSports IllustratedScience World, and more. Friend. He took my head shot for Lost in Moscow.
  • Spanish to Go This is a remarkable programme for learning to speak Spanish!
Places to go! You may never come back!
  • Terhaal is an adventure tour operator in Jordan that impressed me with their guides & service. I biked from the Dead Sea to the Red Sea with them.
  • Leap Local connects travellers with local guides and services around the world, using reviews posted by tourists.
  • Nomad’s Dream is the Kyrgyzstan tour company that arranged my three week mountain bike trip – they’re professional, friendly, knowledgeable and provide true adventure in a colourful country. I was so impressed with Sergey who arranged everything for me.
  • Aly Amaut Ponce de Leon is an indigenous Peruvian guide and his team at Mother Earth are Sacred Valley experts. I spent four days with them in 2009. Here are some rave reviews by travellers on Leap Local.
  • Adventure Transylvania I wired my money to Horia’s personal bank account in Romania.You can read about it from his website in the guest book in my piece titled “A Little Tuica Goes a Long Way — Mountain Biking Transylvania”.
  • Oquideas Inn, Costa Rica An Oasis just a few minutes from the airport in Alajuela. The toucans sometimes bite!
  • Petero Atamu I stayed at Petero Atamu on Easter Island for just $15.00 per night. I don’t recommend breakfast—-maybe go to downtown Hanga Roa for your cup of instant Nescafe coffee, or to Cafe Ra on Atamu Tekena for the real deal…