Writers’ Expeditions Blog – Entry 1: since you asked

Since announcing Writers’ Expeditions a couple of days ago, we’ve had some excellent questions ranging from hats to penises. I’ll start with penises.

1. A Toronto lawyer wanted to know if we’d get to see penises. The answer is yes. It would be difficult to go to Peru and avoid seeing the erotic pottery of Nasca and the Moche (100-800 AD) culture. Clay men and women are depicted in an exciting and hilarious range of hetero and homosexual acts. There is even an ancient vessel that was unearthed during the President Clinton and Monica Lewinsky scandal that the archaeologists dubbed “El Clinton.” You can probably guess what that looks like.

The above photo is a replica of what I think might be doing it froggy style. It’s a key chain fob which I brought home with me from Peru. I have now set that photo to display in the first three images of the slideshow on this page, in case other people were plagued by the same question as the lawyer.

By Kirsten Koza