It’s worth booking the trip just for the complimentary bag!

Every couple of weeks, sometimes months, I remember to make the journey to my mail box, which due to rural-living and a very long driveway is a couple of kilometers out of my way. I went today and found inside a very heavy duty duffle bag that KE Adventures had shipped from the UK to Canada for my upcoming Dead Sea to Red Sea mountain bike trip across Jordan. The bag is so big that it can hold 2,303 falafels (you can calculate this by using the falafel formula – first you find the volume of the falafel – if the falafel is 4 cm in diameter by using V = 4/3 pi r cubed, you find the volume of the falafel to be .000033 meters cubed. The bag is .076 meters cubed based upon LxWxH. Then divide the volume of a single falafel into the volume of the bag. The answer is 2,303 squished falafels.). I don’t know how to figure this out without squishing them.